Introducing Unity 2017 — Unity Blog

By | July 11, 2017

Unity 2017.1 is out! This release marks the debut of the new Unity 2017 cycle, according to Unity blog. It is available to all users with an active subscription plan (Personal, Plus and Pro).

New tools are introduced into this new release. Such as Timeline, Cinemachine, and Post-Processing for artist collaborations.

Timeline is a powerful new visual tool that allows you to create cinematic content.

Cinemachine is a suite of smart cameras that dynamically trigger the best shots at the best time based on scene composition and interaction, which is claimed to eliminate countless hours of hand animation, camera programming, and revision.

Post-processing applies full-screen filters and effects to a camera’s image buffer before it is displayed to screen. You can use image post-processing effects to simulate physical camera and film properties. This feature is still beta.


Source: Introducing Unity 2017 — Unity Blog