Drake Brave project continues…

By | June 19, 2015

screen3Sometimes back, I was planning to start a platformer game project. It is supposed to be 3D environment where the hero (Drake!) is roaming around throwing apples (and bananas?). I stopped the project for some reason and did not look into continuing it for a while.

A few days back, when I re-looked into my project folder and recalled my efforts spent on it, I realized that it was quite some (weeks of) work. Why did I stop?

I decided to start again. I changed my mind about the game play and started exploring a scrolling version instead, where Drake will run from left to right (or the reverse too). This model seems to be easier to play and control. Especially if playing on a mobile phone. He (Drake, the hero) will not explore into the Z axis though. But he will throw apples still.

I (re-)started it with exploring codes for Joystick! There is no really satisfying one for me to use. So I re-write (simple) one myself. It’ll be useful later for 3D version.

Happy that I, again, started something I like: modeling, texturing, rigging, animating, putting them together into Unity3D, coding C#, finding SFX (Sound Effects), and composing musics! Hoping to log this work more regularly. Long way to go. But, Cheers!!