Basic Rules of Rigging (Maya)

By | September 24, 2016

Tina O’Hailey’s basic rules of rigging (Rig It Right! 2013) in Maya:

  1. Edgeloops – a good or bad rig starts with the loops
  2. Never keyframe on the geometry. (Rig for change.)
  3. Lock what isn’t going to be animated.
  4. Keep geometry (GEO), controls (CNTRL), and skeletons (SKEL) in separate groups in the outliner.
  5. Make controls that make sense to the animator.
  6. Happy math – controls and joints should be zeroed out.
  7. Happy history – always delete unneeded history to keep a rig fast.
  8. Joint placement, preferred angles, and orientations: good models can go bad with poor joint placements. Take extra care here before any other rigging – or you’ll be redoing your rig.
  9. BlendShape. Never ever freeze them.
  10. Skinning – make peace with it – a good rig with bad skinning is still bad.